Why the Response Times of Monitoring Centers Matter

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    When it comes to alarm response time, there are a number of factors involved. It is more than just the alarm going off and emergency services arriving. When the alarm goes off, someone at the monitoring services sees it. Then it needs to be processed. For example, someone needs to ensure that the alarm is not a false alarm. Then a call needs to go out to the emergency services.

    The total length of time from the alarm going off to the monitoring center both processing the request and responding is what is considered response time. Having the right alarm center monitoring matters can make a huge difference when it comes to property damage or even saving lives.

    Customer Service Representative Training Is a Must

    It all comes down to training. The better CSRs are trained to respond to emergencies and evaluate situations, the sooner a response team can arrive. Obviously, the local emergency service’s response time will also play a major role in how quickly things are handled. But a security service doesn’t want the weak link in the response times to be the monitoring center customer service reps.

    The Best Reps in the Business

    . Our reps are thoroughly trained before they ever receive a call, and ongoing training ensures that everyone on the team is at the top of his or her game when an emergency strikes.

    Why the Response Times of Monitoring Centers Matter
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    Why the Response Times of Monitoring Centers Matter
    At NMC, we’re proud of our highly trained customer service representatives. We are confident that our clients will enjoy the fastest response times as well as the most accurate judgment calls