Why Redundancy Matters

    Redundancy in security company

    The power goes out. The internet grinds to a hault. The phone lines go dead. As a security firm you know there are a thousand things that can go wrong when it comes to monitoring your customers’ families, homes, and businesses. But for the customers that rely on you as a security service firm, there are no acceptable reasons or excuses for failure. All calls must be answered. Any alarm must be addressed. And every intruder must be stopped.


    National Monitoring Center (NMC) provides the necessary redundancy to ensure you never have to face a disappointed customer. Thanks to our dual monitoring system, we guarantee that no act of nature or malicious cyber attack will interrupt the service we provide on your behalf. We maintain two, fully-staffed call centers at all times — each able to handle 100% of all on-going client activity.


    In addition to the human redundancy, we have an extensive system of technological contingency plans. US internet, phone, and electrical grids are external systems vulnerable to wind, rain, snow, and ice. Our monitoring offices are geographically separate and each can seamlessly take on full responsibility for system-wide monitoring.


    In fact, when massive storms affect thousands of square miles, customers will turn to their security firms for extra support. Burglary rises, fires start, and water lines break. When those customers are at their most vulnerable, your firm must be at its best. We can help you do that.


    National Monitoring Center has an unparalleled matrix of human power and technological innovation. Your customers should never be left alone. With NMC, neither you nor your customers will ever be left in the dark.