What is Enhanced Call Verification?

    IN THE NEWS ~ September 30th, 2013

    Upon receipt of a burglary signal, two (2) calls will be made prior to dispatching the police department – the first call to the tenant, and the second call to the responsible party.


    Enhanced Call Verification (ECV) is a proven way for alarm companies to not only reduce false alarm fines, but can also help curb the resulting customer attrition as a result of these fines.  Agencies across the U.S. are adopting these SIAC-model ordinances as a standard in their communities via local ordinance.  In fact, legislation is now being approved at the state level as evidenced by the state of Georgia recently adopting this model ordinance.


    As a result of ECV, agencies are reporting between a 60-70% decrease in false alarm responses.  For more information on how to reap the benefits of ECV, dealers should contact Dealer Support Services.