Video Verification


    Video Verification

    Differentiate your services and increase your RMR

    Video verification, a technology used to verify alarms at the protected premises by providing visual evidence of the nature of the alarm, is the perfect way for security dealers to bolster their value proposition in the marketplace and increase monthly revenue at the same time. Video verification couples with an intrusion or motion detection to send a clip or live streaming video to the central monitoring station, where NMC’s professional dispatchers can immediately evaluate the validity of an alert.

    The topic of verification and especially video has become increasingly important as cities, towns and municipalities burdened with false alarm dispatches require some form of verification or threaten non-response for those alarms which are not verified, with the idea to free up resources to address real emergencies. Video verification results in fewer inadvertent alarm calls to police and responding authorities so responders can concentrate on real emergencies. And when it is an actual alarm in progress, your operators have solid visual evidence and facts, such as what the perpetrator is wearing, that can be shared with police, which also results in a quicker, targeted response.

    This type of enhancement gives customers more information and also provides our professional monitoring station the detailed information they need to provide to police when they do have to respond to an alarm in progress. Best of all for alarm dealers, you can upsell this as a service to customers through an additional monthly monitoring charge. NMC’s Videofied from RSI Video Technologies Inc. has models for both indoor and outdoor video verification applications so all your customers in a variety of different vertical markets can take advantage of the technology.  Video verification can also be performed with other Internet Protocol (IP) cameras, which are becoming cheaper and in which on-board analytics are becoming more common.

    Video verification is a great point of differentiation for your alarm services and another way to add new streams of recurring monthly revenue. Contact NMC today at (877) 353-3031 for more information.