Video Verification for Commercial Clients

    face reognition video

    Now that video verification is a standard part of most advanced security systems, your sales team can use the feature as a primary selling point for acquiring new commercial clients. National Monitoring Center (NMC) is at the forefront of video verification systems and we can guide you through the best ways to promote this service with your new and existing commercial clients.


    Many commercial clients might be aware of the previous iterations of video surveillance. While remote video investigations were an important step towards the integration of video verification, video “investigations” may have soured some commercial clients to the benefits of an expensive video system. Today, however, with video verification, the service become significantly more valuable thanks to the association with the actual alarm event.


    Moreover, video verification ensures that law enforcement response triage the event as a priority one issue instead of the historic, level three priority. For clients with significant cash or merchandise on hand, the difference between priority three and priority one can mean retaining significant business assets.


    Finally, video verification suffers from an out-dated reputation of doing nothing more than resolving false alarms. For commercial clients, avoiding false alarms is not a selling point. From the client’s perspective, your system should already avoid false alarms, so trying to sell on that point simply exposes your own weaknesses as a security firm.


    Take the time to train your sales team on the proper selling points for video verification. Commercial clients don’t want to sift through all of the jargon about upgraded video systems. Communicating the value of new technology is an essential skill for your sales team, and it will pave the way for your future business acquisitions.