UL Announces Video Certification

    ul video requirements

    UL will now be reviewing managed video services with their new standard, UL 827b. According to UL, current video services in the  security industry are just the start of what will be possible as hardware storage increases and software products expand.


    Video services have always been held back by the physical capacities of data streaming and storage. Even low resolution videos have strained the most advanced systems. But technical capacity is expanding beyond low to mid-level video feeds. Eventually, streaming and storing high definition video will be comfortable for any data system.


    With mid and high-level resolution, security firms are able to use advanced video software programs to decrease liabilities and increase consumer services. Facial recognition is at the core of many of these advancements. High definition video feeds be able to transmit sufficient data for definitive recognition by advanced software programs. Identifying and locating suspicious persons is an obvious benefit. But when combined with home security systems, these software programs can provide unparalleled smart-home services.


    The UL certification first addresses the technological requirements for advanced video monitoring. By establishing and updating baseline standards for streaming and storage capacity, UL certification means a security firm won’t fall behind in technological requirements for video services. In addition, UL will review contracts and cross-reference business capabilities to ensure customers are receiving the services promised by the security firms.


    Video services will also become more affordable as technology marches forward. Start now and communicate with all of your customers about these emerging video services. While some individual and small-business accounts might not be able to afford the most advanced video services today, educating all of your customers about these possibilities is the first step in creating a more satisfied customer tomorrow.