Thirtysomethings Looking for Smarthome Conveniences

    Thirtysomething Home Security System

    Parents in upper end of the Millennial generation (30s) are looking for the conveniences that come with adding Smarthome technology to home security. And while home security still remains the primary motive when the 30-somethings seek professional monitoring, the ability to see inside their home from anywhere in the world has become a significant selling point.


    National Monitoring Center (NMC) can provide your clients with the technological upgrades that the newest generation of homeowners see as necessities. For example, in most homes with school-age children, both parents work. Or there is only one parent in the household. And because kids easily lose keys, working parents quickly come to enjoy the benefits of digital locks and remote control door entry.


    Most Millennials have their Smartphones within reach at all times. And at 3 o’clock most of them will start to wonder if the kids made it home from school. With a digital notification system, those worried parents can get a text message as soon as the front door opens. Plus, if the kids are in their teen years, most parents also want to be able to see into the house to determine which friends the kids have invited over after school.


    For new clients, the selling point may not always be the security that comes with 24-hour monitoring. Not everyone is worried about break-ins. Your sales team needs to be sensitive to the motivating factors for new clients. Some may skip over fire, water, and theft entirely; some clients may want nothing more than the comfort of knowing what is happening in their homes at all times. Security then becomes a secondary selling point.


    Client needs and wants are changing. The 20-somethings from ten years ago are now high earning parents. They are accustomed to an integrated life where technology drives most of their consumer purchases. Home security has depended on technology for decades. Your business’s future depends on your ability to embrace the new advances that seem to arrive on a weekly basis.