These Are the Parts of a Home That Should Be Secured

    Home Security Monitoring

    We’re going to debunk a few security myths by addressing some statistics involving home break-ins and theft. You may be able to use some of these points to help residential clients develop a home security system that does an even better job of protecting their personal belongings and valuables.

    Where Do Burglars Search First?

    Most thieves (about 75%) go straight to the bedroom. This makes sense because the most frequently stolen valuables are usually in this room. Unfortunately, for privacy reasons, video surveillance is usually left out of rooms such as the master bedroom. One potential solution is to keep valuables in a safe and just have a camera point toward the safe.

    What Items Are Targeted Most Often?

    Cash and jewelry are one and two with more than 80% of residential thefts targeting either of these two easy to grab-and-go items. That makes it important to store any significant amount of cash or expensive jewelry either in a safe or at least in another room besides the bedroom where criminals are less likely to look.

    Burglars Hate Alarm Systems

    You can’t spend stolen cash or sell jewelry in jail, so most thieves who are looking for a big score will go after homes without a security system. A visible camera may be enough to send an invader packing empty handed. However, since visible cameras may be spotted and disabled, a sensor to detect if a safe has been opened is a good backup. This will allow a monitoring service to contact the owner if the safe is opened when no one is supposed to be home.

    These Are the Parts of a Home That Should Be Secured
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    These Are the Parts of a Home That Should Be Secured
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