The Voice From Above

    Security Monitoring Process

    Hopefully, none of your clients will ever hear the voice of a security representative coming out of a commercial system’s built-in loudspeaker. However, if and when that voice starts asking questions about the state of affairs inside the business, the voice needs to be both calm and authoritarian. National Monitoring Center (NMC) hires and trains its staff to be that voice in times of crisis for your clients.


    The effect can be quite startling — especially for an hourly staff member who accidentally triggers a live response from the security system. The staff member may not even know that a security monitoring service is able to use the system to discuss any sudden security problems. Like a voice out of thin air, the staff at the monitoring center need to quickly access and assist the situation at hand to reduce asset loss and ensure personal safety.


    Of course, occasionally the situation is critical and the security system has been activated because of a crime occurring in real time. In times like this, the staff training and procedural protocols at the monitoring center must be of the highest caliber to ensure no loss of life. Unfortunately, crime isn’t completely avoidable and so when a critical situation arises, your clients need to have the best monitoring system available.


    NMC doesn’t just allow anyone to sit in our monitoring center. The staff go through extensive crisis training to ensure that anyone who uses a security loudspeaker program is able to do so with confidence. In addition, critical situations activate a series of internal protocols to engage both senior staff and local police. Quick and decisive action is key in preventing an unfortunate crime from becoming a fatal one.


    Your clients — everyone from the business owner to the hourly staff — have to feel protected with your security system. If and when the alarm sounds, the clients will turn to that voice from the loudspeaker for help, guidance, and support. Let that voice of reason be NMC.