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IN THE NEWS ~ MARCH 17, 2016


Check out our New Video Program!

Video is evolving and NMC has expanded our video monitoring services.

I‐View Now and SureView are key integrators of video solutions. Each offers a custom experience for the dealer such as branded portals and much more. These portals enhance the video experience.

There are two models you should consider when developing a video verification program. Video verification is defined as a video embellishment of a digital signal.

Video Clips

2500 Square feet or less for a residential video application. Small commercial sites as well. These solutions trend toward Total Connect Video and Videofied to name a few. These solutions are based on video clips.

Active Video

DVR and NVR based solutions for both indoor and outdoor. These systems are typically for commercial applications.  Some residential properties fit in this category as well.

Guard Tours

Establishing a series of timed intervals where and “expected event” occurs in our CS and our Alarm Agent views the cameras on sight.

Video Escorts

This is a subscriber driven event where we escort the subscriber to their vehicle while watching them on the video.

Call the sales team today 877‐353‐3031 or email and work with us to develop a video program that’s right for you!

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Sharon Elder
VP Sales