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    IN THE NEWS ~ MARCH 17, 2016


    Social Media
    By Sharon Elder, VP Sales

    Sales is my passion!

    Lead generation is evolving and it’s my goal to help you progress into Social Media.

    This year the NMC sales team kicked off a LinkedIn program. Get connected and join us on this new networking journey!

    How to create a LinkedIn account.

    Go to, enter your information, establish a secure passcode and Join!

    LinkedIn will guide you through the steps. You can choose to sync your contacts to help you find people more easily.

    Then simply verify your email address and your account is ready. There are two types of LinkedIn accounts: Basic Account and Premium Account. The basic account is free and the premium account has a monthly subscription cost.

    You can get quite a lot out of LinkedIn with a basic account. We encourage you to start there. Spend some time filling out your profile. LinkedIn is a B2B channel so be sure to focus on Business content. Share your culture!

    Let’s discuss content.

    There are two types of basic content.

    Evergreen and Trending. It is the combination of both that keeps you visible.

    Managing Content

    We have found it helpful to establish a schedule in an excel spreadsheet that projects 90 days of content. This enables us to post consistently and maintain continuity with our sales message. Building a strategy and getting buy‐in from your team is an important element for a successful campaign.    Content can give clear insight to your culture and the core of your Company’s competencies.

    Engage with Industry influencers on social media

    • Lifeline Fire and Security, Inc.
    • Ener‐Tel Services, Inc.
    • Loud Security Systems
    • National Monitoring Center

    Engaging in Social Media opens a virtual networking door that has limitless possibilities. Be a person of value! Bring good old fashioned service values to your B2B connections.

    Follow NMC today! Connect with us!

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    Sharon Elder VP Sales