The Smartphone: A Security Tool at Your Fingertips

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    These days smart phones are no longer marketed as a luxury, they are sold as a necessity. Millions of Americans engage in the fervor that is the release of the latest smart phone from the top competing companies, some even lining up for hours just to drop hundreds of dollars on the newest piece of technology. This means one thing for your potential security clients: they are already holding a powerful tool for their most basic security and monitoring needs.


    Clients who already have home security or who are considering a system can further benefit with the added ease of monitoring their home with their smartphone. Aside from the standard notification to their smartphone of any alarm triggers, your clients can also monitor and remotely control appliances in their home with a smart home system.


    Just as consumers who consistently update their smartphone for the latest features, your security clients will want to know what benefits they reap when they buy into your monitoring product. Your sales force should focus on selling the convenience of using a tool your clients are already toting around with them. They can actively engage in the security and monitoring of their home with their smartphone wherever they may be.


    The beauty of having a mobile phone with Wi-Fi capabilities is the ability to send commands at any distance. Your clients will find excitement in being able to turn their thermostat on so their home is sufficiently at a comfortable temperature for their arrival. They can continue their day with peace of mind by being able to confirm they have closed their garage door and securely locked their doors.



    The Smartphone: A Security Tool at Your Fingertips
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    The Smartphone: A Security Tool at Your Fingertips
    At National Monitoring Center (NMC), we provide your sales force with the proper tools for marketing to your client base. They will be educated with the most popular features of today’s smart home and how the everyday smartphone can aid in security with ease.