NMC’s central stations were configured from the ground up with redundant systems and the most technologically advanced equipment and professional Customer Service Representatives in the industry. The capabilities and services that we are able to provide because of this are unsurpassed:


  • Two-ring commitment.  All incoming calls are answered in the name of your company by a live Customer Service Representative within two rings
  • Two separate local phone carriers allowing NMC to automatically repoint a dealer’s phone lines to the backup local carrier if there is a problem with the primary carrier
  • AERS : (AT&T’s Alternate Enhanced Redirect Solution) Both monitoring centers are equipped with a redundant telephone switch and call management system. In case of a catastrophic event, NMC can move call traffic to either location with no downtime, and historical data is maintained
  • Auto-dialing
  • Automatic call priority systems
  • Telephony integration with monitoring software (MASterMind™)
  • Text paging
  • Voice recording of calls with long term digital storage
  • Flexible message center – set up to answer, prioritize and categorize calls based upon the dealer’s specific needs and wants
  • VRT allows a dealer to place accounts on and off test automatically using a phone