Technology and Industry Convergence

    technology convergence security monitoring

    The use of technology to drive progress in the security industry creates several weaknesses. As consumer technology continues to expand, security providers will have to answer to customers who both insist on simplicity but demand security. The security industry is converging with other industries (like app builders) and everyday new players join in the mix of people who have a say in the supply chain for security products and services.


    The use of hardware and software that can affect security should be treated like the chain of evidence in a criminal case. Any breach in that chain can mean contamination. Unfortunately, end-users (especially personal-use consumers) don’t think about how the various players can impede security.


    Cell phones, for example, are becoming an all-in-one device. In the very near future, a measurable percent of consumers won’t be using credit cards or cash to make purchases. Most consumer purchase power will be imbedded in the software and hardware built into phones. The same trend is true for security options like keys, remote entry fobs, and access codes.


    Security providers have to follow suit or get left behind. Unfortunately, there are major security questions when an individual’s phone can control everything from the the light in the attic to the garage door. And while you might do everything you can help prevent the phone from being compromised, one single piece of malware downloaded by a hapless consumer can mean a major breach in security.


    National Monitoring Center (NMC) will help you stay informed about any new and trending security problems. As your monitoring service, we can provide the necessary support to ensure that the technology you install remains secure for your end consumers.