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 Selling the Smarthome

Smarthome Secutity

The line between a home security feature and a smarthome feature has become barely distinguishable. The wifi thermostat, for example, offers benefits both as a home security monitor (rapid increase in temperature) and as a smarthome feature (turning on the heater while driving home from work).


For some clients, your sales team should focus on the exciting bells and whistles that come with owning a smarthome system. For those clients, home security is not as important as the cache of having lights they can turn on and off with their cell phone. Convenience takes presidence over security.


Other clients will want to understand how these features will make them more secure. These clients may not immediately understand that turning on lights at random times will reduce the likelihood of burglary. Clients that are focused on the logical reasons behind a security system might not be able to see inside the criminal mind without the help of your sales team.


So how do you tell these two kinds of clients apart? Good, consultative sales.


Your sales team needs to be ready and willing to make a change in their sales approach based on the answers that the clients give. With open-ended questions and a willingness to listen, your sales team will be able to deliver an effective, customized presentation to every potential client.


 Selling the Smarthome
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Selling the Smarthome
National Monitoring Center (NMC) can provide you and your sales team with the most popular features and benefits of today’s smarthome so you can cater your sales pitch to each customer’s perceived needs.