Selling Points for Elevator Monitoring

    elevator security monitoring

    If a commercial client doesn’t subscribe to elevator monitoring services, you have an excellent opportunity for a value-added upsell. Once you have an established relationship with the client, you can visit the client for a routine inspection and then discuss the benefits of elevator monitoring based on the client’s needs.


    Not all of your clients will immediately see the benefits of elevator monitoring. And each client will have one or two specific needs that an elevator monitoring system can address. By presenting a concise, focus sales pitch, you will be able to increase your own revenue and increase your client’s satisfaction with your on-going services.


    Technical Supervision: Although to the average person an elevator ride might show no signs of a technical problem, an elevator monitoring system will give your client an early warning signal for the minute problems that lead to jerky rides and overall shutdowns. This can be an attractive feature to a high end client who wants all visitors to have a smooth, upscale ride as a first impression.


    Visual Supervision: Elevators are one of the few places where people voluntarily remain in close quarters with strangers. And for thieves, and elevator means a moment of privacy for an easy hold-up. A crowded elevator can also mean a thief can easily snatch one or more wallets as people ease their expectations for personal space. An elevator monitoring system will discourage thieves from taking advantage of the tight space. Many monitoring systems include a life feed of the video surveillance directly into the elevator. For clients with a cross-section of the population visiting daily, visual supervision can be an appealing option.


    Allaying Fears: Fearing elevators is quite common. Fear of falling, fear of small spaces, and fear of being stuck are just a few reasons some people avoid elevators. An elevator monitoring system can help those riding in an elevator to relax and feel at ease during the short ride.


    National Monitoring Center (NMC) can go over these benefits with your sales team in order to help them prepare a client presentation about elevator monitoring. Because of our years of experience offering this service to a diverse group of consumers, we have unique insights into the reasons and motivations for adding this feature to a monitoring package.