Securing Your Community

    IN THE NEWS ~ MARCH 17, 2016

    parkIn a world of false alarms, you can be sure that NMC is there when real crime is happening.  Here’s a look at recent incidents where NMC’s virtual presence was on the scene to assist with a capture and helped protect the assets of the customer.

    Our team of dedicated security professionals works diligently to represent your brand. On many occasions we have actual events that are resulting in captures. Kudos to our dealers who chose us as their partners in securing their communities! We are grateful for your business!

    Alliance Protection Daphne Ray – President

    La Quinta is a known as a charming golf resort community, a short drive south of Palm Springs.

    Shortly after 2:30 am on February 10th, a business had an unwanted visitor. Motion sensors detected the intruder and the alarm sent a signal to the NMC alarm room floor.

    Our alarm agent, Mattie Smith received the signal and within seconds began making calls to report the alarm. As she is handling the alarm, the intruder continued to move around the facility, triggering additional alarms. One of the contacts called by NMC contacted us to inquire about the alarm activations.

    The responsible party requested that the police be sent to check the location. The police were dispatched on multiple alarm activations.

    With a prompt response time by the Indio Police department the cruiser arrived on scene. During the interior sweep, the intruder was spotted and quickly apprehended.

    Sierra Group

    Carl Frommer ‐ President

    It was right before noon at a local bank in Garden Grove when a woman entered the bank. The woman walked up to the tellers and proceeded to hold up the bank with a rifle. Silence envelopes the business and a teller discretely activates her hold up alarm.

    The signal was transmitted to an NMC alarm agent. Police were dispatched in under 5 seconds!

    Several squad cars arrived on scene. The bank robber got away before the police arrived. But she didn’t get very far! Tellers were able to snap pictures of the get‐away car! She was apprehended within the hour with both the cash and a “replica” rifle in her possession.

    The NMC team is proud of our service. Working for our dealers securing the community!