Runaway Alert! We’ll Keep You Posted.

    IN THE NEWS ~ FEBRUARY 28, 2013


    With Runaway Alert auto-message notification, NMC will let you know via email or text message when any account has received 75 or more signals within 24 hours.


    Detecting a runaway panel can be essential in managing toll-free or cellular transmission costs. And, discovering an alarm panel problem at the early stage can help prevent a lack of security at the subscriber location in addition to preventing large phone bills – allowing you to maintain security for your customers while keeping costs down.


    NMC’s data-driven research has shown that containing a runaway panel before it gets out of control can save you hundreds, or possibly thousands of dollars.


    Stop Runaways before they can cause problems to your customers or your business. For more information or to add this free service to your NMC account, contact Dealer Support Service at 800.662.1711.


    It’s free and it can save you money. What are you waiting for?