Risk management consulting – another NMC dealer benefit

    IN THE NEWS ~ OCTOBER 17, 2012

    NMC has retained the services of the most knowledgeable person in the business of risk management for security operators. His name is Rick Gombar and he has been in the industry for decades. Why do you need Rick? Well, purchasing general liability insurance in the security business is complicated. First of all, there are only a handful of carriers that even write the coverage. And this limited market becomes a maze when you realize that every carrier writes the coverage differently. Most importantly, if you purchase insurance based strictly upon price, you could end up with serious coverage gaps and not even know it until you have a claim.


    Rick will help you negotiate this maze. If you are considering changing your policy or are wondering what your current policy will and will not cover, give Rick a call at 800.446.6227. He will be happy to review your policy and answer any questions you have about your coverage.