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 Protecting a Residential Client’s Wi-Fi


Security vendors face a major concern when it comes to residential customers. Here’s the issue. Most of the home’s security system is linked to a wi-fi network. This includes everything from surveillance cameras to smart devices.

On the one hand, it’s a huge step forward. Gone are the days of a criminal cutting a phone line and stopping an alarm signal from going out. On the other hand, hackers can gain control over a home by finding the weakest point. That weak point is often the homeowner’s wi-fi password.

Alerting Clients to the Dangers

The most important thing here is education. When a homeowner understands the importance of a stronger password than 123456 or password (and the many other varieties of easy to guess passwords), hackers have to work a little harder.

The other side of things is alerting homeowners to the signs that a network has been hacked. For example, when unknown devices are connected to a router or the network is running abnormally sluggish, it could mean the problem is an intruder. That means it is time for a new password.

Modern Monitoring and the Wi-Fi Network

When a home security system is monitored, it becomes far more difficult for criminals to get away with anything, even if they have the technical knowledge to hack a network. This makes security monitoring an important part in modern residential security.

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Protecting a Residential Client’s Wi-Fi
Article Name
Protecting a Residential Client’s Wi-Fi
Most of the home’s security system is linked to a wi-fi network. Call 877-353-3031 to get your residential client’s wi-fi protected.