Proactive Video Monitoring

Proactive Video Monitoring

Detect and Prevent Crime Before It Happens!

Proactive Video Monitoring for today’s real threats

With NMC, the global leader in monitoring you have the strength of six monitoring centers worldwide supporting you and your subscribers with the most technologically innovative offerings available today. Our exclusive Proactive Video Monitoring has the ability to significantly increase your RMR. Utilizing the Cratos platform powered by Netwatch, our proprietary technology intuitively filters out nuisance alarms. Within seconds threats are presented to our intervention specialists who provide a live audio warning and continued real-time audio and visual assistance to the authorities. With over 40,000 crimes prevented to date worldwide, our solution is trusted and proven to create a fearless environment for your subscribers.

Fundamentally Different. Immensely Powerful.

NMC’s Proactive Video Monitoring powered by Netwatch is fundamentally different monitoring. Whereas traditional monitoring is tripped by an alarm event by the intrusion system as a perpetrator enters a facility generating video clip footage, NMC’s proactive video monitoring identifies and addresses the perpetrator at the perimeter of the facility well before they are near an entrance— reducing false alarms and preventing possible crime before it even occurs.

Deeper Benefits of Proactive Video Monitoring

NMC’s Proactive Video Monitoring empowers its dealers to expand their service offerings, increase RMR, and to solve problems that have plagued the industry.

◘ Dealers can expand their service offerings with a new, disruptive go-to-market proactive solution that garners hundreds, or in certain applications even thousands of dollars in RMR per site.

◘ Enhanced user experience with reduced false alarms, increased awareness, and proactive rather than reactive security.

◘ Solves the very serious problem of knowledge-gap for law enforcement by providing real-time and active incident information.

Proactive Video Monitoring
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