Prepare for Perimeter Growth

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    Perimeter security could be a lucrative niche for your security firm over the next five years. Government agencies and commercial businesses are looking to move the line of security away from the front door of the building and onto the perimeter line of the property. As more businesses expand their wall of security, demand for the service will increase. By preparing your sales team now to incorporate perimeter security into their sales pitch, you can gain an advantage over your local competition.


    Perimeter security is a form of prevention. Government offices with sensitive information or critical services would rather spend the money preventing serious problems. Commercial businesses would rather eat the cost of security now rather than see a spike in insurance coverage after an inevitable breach.


    Before going high-tech, consult with your clients to see if there are any low-tech solutions for perimeter security. Burglars can easily take advantage of fencing gaps, weak doors, and low walls.  Even adding industrial lighting to the exterior of the building is a basic way to deter crime that many small-business owners overlook. If you don’t have a strong relationship with a reliable contractor, start making contact now. Perimeter security often means physical deterrents.


    For low-tech solutions, you can offer your clients some simple options first. Go on site and show them how motion detectors and video cameras can deter criminals without much additional cost to the overall security package.


    Finally, work with us at National Monitoring Center (NMC) to help you identify the clients who will want to security features with high-tech solutions. Biometric security, laser fencing, and live communication options are all readily accessible for the business or government agency that needs to avoid security problems at all costs.