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 Pokémon Go—The Perfect Security Sales Tool

Pokemon Go Security Sales Tool

It’s a game that is sweeping the nation and making homes and businesses alike think about increasing security. After all, you never know what locations will be recognized as public as one homeowner in Massachusetts found out. His home used to be a church back in the 70s, but the game still recognizes it as a public place and made it a gym (a key location for players) resulting in day and night traffic on and around his property.

Selling to Commercial Properties

Commercial properties, in particular, may have concerns about people wandering around the building. Even if the players pose no threat, they make great cover for an intruder. Walk around looking through your smartphone, and everyone looks the other way as you wander into a secure facility. Surveillance, proximity sensors, and automatic call-outs when someone enters a restricted area are more vital than ever. Even if someone wanders into a place he is not supposed to be, if an injury occurs, you better believe the company who owns the property will be getting a call from a lawyer. Video of what happened and an immediate response before a trespasser can be injured are great ways to stay ahead of this new craze.

Selling to Residences

While most residences are off limits (unless they’ve been incorrectly marked as public), there are foreseeable issues with apartment buildings, condo complexes, and the like. Again, there is a mixing of trespassing (inadvertent or not) and the potential for personal injury. An automated security system may be the only way for home or building owners to protect themselves. Automated responses are important to ensure that someone gets an alert when their property is imposed upon.

Pokémon Go—The Perfect Security Sales Tool
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Pokémon Go—The Perfect Security Sales Tool
Having a home security system in place may provide peace of mind to parents who know their kids are home alone while players are moving on and off of their property in search of a Pokémon.