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 Perimeters – The Trend for 2016

personal perimeter security

For several years, the concept of perimeter security (over building-only security) has gained tremendous traction with commercial clients. In 2016, you are likely to see more personal account holders asking about perimeter security in addition to the front-door security they currently enjoy.


As commercial clients bought into perimeter security features such as camera surveillance and motion detection, the employees at those businesses were hearing about the preventative benefits that come with stopping a crime before it happens. Now those employees are returning home and finding that their home security seems to be lacking.


In addition, smarthome features are making perimeter security more accessible to the do-it-yourself homeowner. Consumers are now acutely aware that they can to see who is ringing their doorbells through a smartphone app. And not only can they see the visitors, but they can talk to them as well. And as with most DIY features, consumers will quickly grow tired of the technological barriers and lack of interconnectivity with their other security features. And when they want a professional to install an interactive doorbell, you and your sales team need to be ready to offer them quick answers and excellent service.


The growing interest in perimeter security also harkens back to a home security marketing staple — the neighborhood watch. As consumers realize that a secure home is significantly safer in a neighborhood of watchful residents, neighborhood watch programs will grow in popularity again. Perimeter security can extend from the property line and include the entire block or cul-de-sac. Neighborhood programs are currently using email, text, and social media to send out alerts; you want your company to be a part of that conversation and growing bubble of security.


Personal accounts are primed for an up-sale in perimeter security. For your high budget clients, offer them a free motion detection light to initiate the conversation. For your low budget clients simply start the conversation they want to have. Your current clients are your best resource for growth.


Personal Perimeters - The Trend for 2016
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Personal Perimeters - The Trend for 2016
Personal accounts are primed for an up-sale in perimeter security.