Owner Summary Report

    Our owner summary report helps you manage your business and gives you greater account control.

    In today’s busy market, time is of the utmost importance. NMC recognizes this and has developed a valuable tool to help alarm company owners manage their business and central station relationship. The owner summary report provides alarm company owners with a snapshot of their performance with the central station. This report will help troubleshoot potentially troublesome accounts and manage phone line fees helping to create operational efficiencies. The report can be emailed to you on a monthly basis and provides you with a complete summary of the following important information:


    • An account growth summary listing the number of added and    cancelled accounts and your net summary broken down monthly
    • A list of all accounts that have had two or more dispatches in a one year period
    • A list of accounts sending the most signals for the past 30-days to quickly address problem accounts and manage telecom fees


    We know that this will become an invaluable service for all NMC customers. All inquiries regarding our owner summary report, please email: ITTicket@nmccentral.com