Our Free MASMobile™ is Massively Handy

    IN THE NEWS ~ MAY 15, 2015

    051515-6-mas-mobileFree. Fast. Easy-to-use. That’s what dealers are saying about our new app. MASmobile is a time-saving tool that quickly allows you to put systems on and off test right from your mobile device.

    This free application:

    • Is downloadable to your iPhone, iPad, or Android
    • Lets you remotely view system status summaries, event and test history, zones, and contacts
    • Allows you to put systems on and off test 24/7


    Just search for MASmobile in the iTunes app store


    Contact NMC today to get setup right over the phone! Call 1-877-353-3031 or send an email to sales@NMCcentral.com