Our Facilities

NMC has purchased, designed and developed two central command centers from the ground up to provide complete redundancy and reliability to meet the future central station monitoring needs of alarm companies nationwide. Each center is outfitted with two generators. This provides our clients with complete redundancy to assure there is instant emergency recovery and backup with no downtime in case of an emergency or extreme alarm activity at one facility. We’ve got your back with our backup capabilities.


California Headquarters
This 25,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility provides the finest central station monitoring services and staff around the clock.  We invite you to schedule a tour to discover in person what sets us apart from the rest.


Texas Headquarters
Recently opened, this 8,000 square foot facility features the same cutting-edge technology as the California location as well as its own professionally trained workforce. The only difference?   It’s in Texas.  Feel free to schedule a visit here as well.