Our “Ambassador” has all the answer

    IN THE NEWS ~ OCTOBER 17, 2012


    Many of you already know Bob Dialto, NMC’s Dealer Relations Manager, aka “The Ambassador”. He’s been in the industry for over 35 years – 11 of them as president for an alarm company. There’s not a question he can’t answer or a problem he can’t solve. Any feedback you might have, positive or negative regarding the services provided by NMC, simply call Bob! He’s well-versed on all the new services and solutions and can help you select the services that will deliver the best client experience.


    Bob’s expertise doesn’t stop here. He also assists you with marketing, developing your website and providing the tools you need to grow your RMR. Nobody wants you to succeed more than NMC. Your success is our success.


    Bob Di Alto: 855-353-3031