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 One Sentence to Help You Pivot with Commercial Clients

Home Security For Commercial Clients

The best potential customers are the clients you already have. And while not all of your personal lines clients have businesses, all of your commercial clients have homes. However, depending on your sales structures and your sales training, convincing your team to attempt a sales pivot from commercial to personal lines could be difficult.


National Monitoring Center (NMC) is equally capable of handling commercial and private accounts. We can provide you with the supporting documents and sales guidance to help you add personal lines to your existing commercial clients.


The best way to introduce personal lines to a commercial client is generally with a simple question: Is your home as secure as your business?


Clients will frequently overlook the security of their home despite putting significant emphasis on security for their businesses. However, once they see that they are protecting their office furniture and computer data more than their own families, they will often welcome a home security review.


A client’s home security can also be introduced as one component of the total commercial security package. Because most business owners work at home at night and during the weekend, a weak digital security system at home can easily expose sensitive business data.


If you have a split sales team (commercial lines and private lines) consider cross-training so that each team can provide leads to the other. With a collaborative approach, you might find that your greatest opportunity for growth already exists inside your own client list.