NMC’s Caller ID is changing

    IN THE NEWS ~ MARCH 31ST, 2014

    If you’ve recently noticed a different phone number for calls coming from NMC, there is a good reason behind it.   Some telephone companies are blocking our calls due to what they view as FCC’s regulation of “spoofing”.  As a result, NMC is changing our caller ID display from 800-000-0000 to 800-662-1711.


    In the past, NMC was not able to complete some calls when we displayed the number 800-000-0000.  By now moving our number to 800-662-1711, we are not impeded in any way by local telephone companies from completing our telephone call to our end users.  Additionally, this addresses a growing request from alarm dealers for an easy way for end users to press “redial” on their telephones to quickly call back the central station.  By displaying 800-662-1711, we are now able to provide this level of service.