NMC to Monitor Nest, Making Homes Thoughtful and Secure


NMC to Monitor Nest, Making Homes Thoughtful and Secure

National Monitoring Center (NMC) is among the first to enable dealers to integrate Nest monitoring to increase services and RMR to current and prospective subscribers.

Lake Forest, CA—December 7, 2017—  National Monitoring Center (NMC), a leader in the alarm monitoring industry, is pleased to announce the integration of professional monitoring for Nest Secure into their already expansive monitoring capabilities.

NMC is an early adopter and one of the first to the gate to monitor Nest Secure, providing an unprecedented industry advantage to its dealers. This offering allows dealers to expand their market and benefit from the growing DIY home security and home automation markets by offering professional monitoring in this vertical.

“Today, DIY home security systems offer features that go beyond protection, encompassing conveniences like energy management and environmental monitoring and more,” said Woodie Andrawos, President of NMC. “Many of these users prefer professional monitoring. Now, our dealers can serve those customers.”

Nest’s security solution includes security alarms, motion sensors, video doorbells, indoor and outdoor cameras and more. NMC will provide video monitoring through I-View Now video clips as well as professionally monitor all other alarms and sensors.

The modern security consumer wants a system that alerts them when there is a problem and takes appropriate action. By integrating with monitoring services like NMC, Nest Pro dealers who offer Nest Secure have the ability to offer that solution to folks through a service and product that combine to create a unique security system,” said Gene LaNois, Head of Nest’s Professional Channel.

Users may embrace a DIY option to obtain actionable intelligence, but very often prefer to pair that with professional monitoring to ensure that critical information is indeed acted upon in the most effective and timely way. The ability to offer this to NMC dealers is phenomenally advantageous in allowing them to expand their portfolio.

Our partnership with Google’s Nest Secure is a tremendous achievement for our organization and reaffirms our strong commitment to our dealers and their customers,” explained Michael Schubert, CEO of NMC.

More information can be found on the NMC website nmccentral.com or by calling 800-662-1711.

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