NMC now supports Bosch Video Monitoring Services

    NMC now supports Bosch Video Monitoring Services


    We are pleased to announce that National Monitoring Center now supports Bosch Video Monitoring Services to provide you opportunities to deploy camera-based security systems, turning IP cameras into important security prevention devices. In turn this enables you to generate new RMR streams to help grow your business!

    Using Bosch IP cameras, this solution offers plug-and-play camera connectivity to the ops center, where operators can view video clips and live video to determine if further action is required. Bosch Cloud-based Services then enables some of these further actions – playing of recordings, turning relays on the cameras on or off (for light and gate control), and live audio intervention.

    The services enabled via the Bosch solution include:

    • 24/7 Live Intervention (Voice Down or Two-Way Audio): Enables the operator to gain fast situational awareness of pre-filtered video alarms and perform immediate audio intervention to prevent incident escalation.
    • Video Verification of Intrusion Alarms: Enables the operator to verify the source of a burglar alarm and choose appropriate escalation path.
    • Smart Notification via Intelligent Video Analytics: Enables the end-customer to receive video alarms from their pre-configured cameras equipped with on-board analytics.
    • Virtual Guard Tours: Enables the operator to efficiently perform remote checks of all key areas at the customer’s premises.
    • Virtual Assistant: Enables the operator to provide immediate remote assistance at the push of an emergency button to a person in distress.

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