NMC Marvel Award

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    Steve Butkovich, CTO, CPI Security Systems, Mark Mariotti, Vice President Business Development, Netwatch , Nicola Oakie, NMC, Director of National Sales, Sascha Kylau, Vice President, OneTel, Tatiana Abramek, Sales Manager, NMC, Kurtis Erdman, NMC, Southeastern Regional Sales Manager


    NMC Wins Inaugural TMA/SSI Monitoring Technology Marvel Award

    The Monitoring Association and Security Sales & Integration recognizes NMC with top honor of “best adoption of new technology to advance your business”.


    NMC is extremely honored to announce that it has just been selected as the 2018 Marvel Award winner, co-sponsored by The Monitoring Association (formerly CSAA) and Security Sales & Integration.


    Celebrating pioneers in monitoring technology and encouraging excellence, the Marvel Award is given annually to recognize outstanding technical accomplishment within the industry in such areas as cybersecurity, cloud migration, PERS monitoring, efficiency in monitoring, and video verification. The recipient of this award is chosen from among many central station applicants and is recognized as having contributed significantly to the advancement of one or more of these areas with specific demonstrations or applications.


    The award is judged by a panel of industry experts using set and stringent metrics. NMC received the top overall award for best adoption of new technology to advance your security business” for its advancements in monitoring and technologies which tie video technology to tie video verification to an alarm, which in turn triggers a security camera to generate a clip in an intrusion/reaction model that records criminal activity.


    “This kind of service is impressive and raises the bar for new video monitoring capabilities,” says Steve Butkovich, co-chair of the TMA Technology Committee. “This is where the industry is going next in our goal to protect life and property, and NMC is leading the way.”


    NMC’s Nicola Oakie, Director of National Sales, Tatiana Abramek, Sales Manager and Kurtis Erdman, Southeastern Regional Sales Manager were on hand to accept the award during TMA’s general membership meeting, held June 19 as part of the Electronic Security Expo (ESX) in Nashville. NMC will be featured in SSI’s August publication, themed The Monitoring Issue.


    Woodie Andrawos, President NMC, expressed his appreciation for the honor.


    “We at NMC are grateful for this special recognition and deeply value its significance. It is an affirmation of our efforts to address some of the most significant challenges faced by the industry.”


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