NMC Customer Success Stories

    IN THE NEWS ~ NOVEMBER 20, 2014

    alarmnetAround the clock, our alarm agents work diligently to monitor and protect the valuable lives and assets of our residential and commercial customers.  Routinely we experience what we call “success stories” that we like to share with our readers.  As they say, customer testimonials are the best form of advertising!


    Using RSI’s Videofied product, NMC was able to verify an actual burglary in progress on two separate occasions during the month of October.   Using this video product, NMC alarm agents communicated the visual activity of suspects on scene and the appropriate agencies were quickly dispatched and arrived on scene to apprehend the criminals.


    NMC proudly serves a large sector of PERS subscribers and our alarm agents assist with actual medical situations on a daily basis.  One medical PERS customer was so pleased with the prompt service of our alarm agent staff when dealing with her medical situation that she called in to personally thank the agents telling them that they, “saved my life!”


    NMC processed almost 400 ACTUAL* events relating to PERS medical, burglary, hold-up/panic and fire alarms in the month of October.


    Have your own success story to tell?  Send us an email to sales@NMCcentral.com and let others know how we’re doing!


    *ACTUAL is a verified event where help of some kind was needed.