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  • Top Cyber Security Tips from RSA

    Top Cyber Security Tips from RSA
    Recently, we at NMC engaged RSA, the world leader in business security, to help us ensure our systems are as secure as possible. What we’ve learned about cybersecurity has been incredible and we’d like to pass along the valuable information to our customers.
    Here are some important points to consider from …

  • NMC now supports Bosch Video Monitoring Services

    NMC now supports Bosch Video Monitoring Services

    We are pleased to announce that National Monitoring Center now supports Bosch Video Monitoring Services to provide you opportunities to deploy camera-based security systems, turning IP cameras into important security prevention devices. In turn this enables you to generate new RMR streams to help grow your business!
    Using Bosch IP …

  • Engineering FAQ section

    Engineering FAQ section: 
    1. How do I register my Telguard radio?
    a. Log into the Telguard website and follow the registration process from there.
    2. I want to send my Telguard radios to you over IP. Do you support this?
    a. Yes, however Telguard is only able to send Contact ID and 4-digit DMP.  You will need to speak …

  • Video Vault Focus Group Needed

    Video Vault Focus Group Needed
    Looking for dealers who participate in outdoor unsecured video analytic-based solutions who want to participate in a focus group to help further develop this area. If you are interested, contact Sharon Elder directly at selder@nmccentral.com

  • NMC Signature E-mail Service

    NMC Signature E-mail Service
    Enhance your brand utilizing NMC’s Signature E-mail Service. A branded e-mail can be sent to your subscriber on Diagnostic events such as AC Fail, Low Battery, and trouble signals. This enables your subscribers to approve and schedule service at their convenience.  Contact Dealer Support Services to learn more about this feature and …

  • NMC Custom Caller ID Now Available!

    The Subscriber Experience
    NMC Custom Caller ID Now Available!
    NMC utilizes a custom Caller ID branding for all outbound calls to your subscriber! You can choose what you would like our outbound Caller ID to display for no additional charge. This provides many advantages for you. For example, the Caller ID can be shown as your custom …

  • New Notification When Putting an Account on Test

    New Notification When Putting an Account on Test
    When a test expires on an account, there has always been a notification sent to any email address set up with auto-notify for that location. However, many of you have expressed a desire to have auto-notifications generated when the test is cleared as well as when a system …

  • The Video Vault

    John Campau, President
    The subscriber experience in this video demonstrates NMC’s attention to detail during a burglary in progress. While the video is five minutes long, our Agent was in fact on the phone for over 40 minutes continuously providing updates to the agency. The NMC agent was attentive to the color of the suspect’s shoe …

  • The Video Vault

    Video increases your RMR and secures your community! 

    A-1 Security
    Leif Wulforst, President
    On a late Thursday evening in Denver, CO, NMC received a burglar alarm followed by a motion detection inside of a commercial building. The NMC alarm agent acted immediately to dispatch the police department and notify the responsible parties. Once the Police Department arrived on …

  • Door-to-Door and Online Scammers Make Sure Your Customers Stay Safe

    Door-to-Door and Online Scammers—Make Sure Your Customers Stay Safe
    Don’t let your subscribers get duped into changing providers
    It’s a fickle and unpredictable world we live in today. Staying safe and secure is important to NMC’s dealers and their customers – and that extends above and beyond providing the most professional central monitoring and dispatch services.
    With summer …