New end-user services – instant email and text notification (IN)

    IN THE NEWS ~ OCTOBER 12, 2012


    Instant Notification. If the panel will send it, we can relay it via text or email instantaneously. This is what end-users have been asking for and what gives you a step-up from the competition. With IN your customer will be instantly texted or e-mailed when any event signal occurs whether it’s:

    • Break-in
    • Fire
    • Open door
    • Closed by-pass
    • Friend or relative incapacitated
    • Low battery
    • Any trouble or non-violation event


    Our IN features communications for any alarm. Your clients will love the security in immediately knowing when anything irregular is happening. IN also frees up urgent operative time to deal with more serious threats.


    Ask us for our new Monitoring Service Form to fill out for your clients, to get them onboard with the newest/safest technology