Market Opportunity with DIY Disappointment

    DIY Home Security Systems

    Consumers are showing a consistent disappointment when they opt for self-installed camera systems instead of professional ones. As a distributor, this kind of consumer frustration creates a perfect opportunity for acquiring new clients and upgrading existing ones.

    While the DIY trend in home security can feel like an uphill battle, the trend is actually expanding consumer interest in smart homes and integrated security systems. Do-it-yourself systems provide distributors with a semi-informed public, allowing you the chance to have a more advanced conversation about the features and benefits you provide.
    The DIY consumer will be open to a professional monitoring option for any one of several options. At a basic level, the consumer could simply find the technology difficult to install and maintain. Generally however, this isn’t sufficient for the consumer to look for an upgrade.

    The key factor in guiding a consumer from being a DIY installer to a subscriber is the purpose of the camera system. What good is a camera system without a monitoring company like National Monitoring Center (NMC) on alert and ready to take action when a problem arises? Essentially, who is watching the video feed?

    Even though the DIY consumer might feel frustrated with the technological complications or security limitations, train your sales team to avoid negative commentary about those in-place systems. Some consumers might feel a sense of pride in their DIY systems even with the decision to switch to a professional firm. Others might be embarrassed about the waste of time and money. Guide your sales team towards the positive aspects of professional monitoring and you could reap financial benefits thanks to the DIY trend.