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Many dealers utilize the message center service provided by NMC. This is a powerful tool that dealers can use to help manage their business. This is especially useful for handling calls from subscribers after normal business hours. For example, all incoming calls will be answered in two rings or less with the Alarm Company name. The operator will categorize the call and distribute it to the appropriate mailbox or first available alarm operator. NMC can set up as many different mailboxes as a dealer needs. For example, mailbox 1 might be set up for
emergency service and mailbox 2 might be set up for nonemergency service. The voice mail has many notification features to choose from. Any mailbox can be set up to automatically e-mail the voice mail message as an attachment.


The voice mail can also place calls to specific call lists, and this is especially useful for an emergency voice mail box. For example, the voice mail can be set up to call the primary on call technician 3 times after a message is left on the emergency voice mail box. If the primary on call technician does not answer, the voice mail will move on to the backup on call