Keep Your IP. The Flexibility of Secure Forwarding

    IN THE NEWS ~ FEBRUARY 28, 2013

    Internet-based alarm systems are changing the industry, and it is critical that alarm
    companies maintain portability when moving to internet-based alarm systems. NMC is
    once again leading the way with a program that allows you complete portability combined
    with the convenience of working with NMC.


    Alarm companies must have the ability to control IP communications to central
    monitoring stations for internet-based alarm systems. Keep Your IP allows you to control the destination of your customers’ IP accounts. With your own secure IPv4 address, you can redirect or reroute to alternate IP destinations if accounts are sold, in disaster recovery situations or to change to another Central Station.


    NMC will assist with the setup and implementation of Keep Your IP, allowing you the security and flexibility to direct (or reroute) your company’s growth