Introducing IVR. Instant voice notification for non-violation

    IN THE NEWS ~ OCTOBER 17, 2012


    Interactive Voice Response. This NMC exclusive feature is fully interactive, fast and complimentary. It is another way that NMC brings to your subscribers, the latest technology to create efficiencies which will directly enhance their experience with the
    monitoring center. When a non-violation occurs, i.e. the alarm panel sends a low battery signal, the IVR will instantaneously
    call the end use user. The voice system will interact with them giving details of the signal and prompting them on steps that might be
    taken. IVR provides dealers with:

    • Unlimited amount of calls that can be placed
    • A fully customizable scripted message recorded by NMC with a voice actor at no cost
    • Professionally recorded marketing message also at no cost


    Contact NMC today and we will send you a sample of this innovative, new p product.
    For inquiries please contact Bob Dialto.