Integration and Its Impact on Your Customer Base

    customer integration security

    The average consumer’s desired level of integration continues to increase requiring security firms and monitoring systems to look for continuous improvement. Technology allows customers to achieve new levels of control with deeper and deeper levels of information, and security firms have to change as consumer needs change.


    The pedometer is a simple example of changing consumer needs. The basic pedometer has been around for decades. How many steps did I take today? However with wearable technology on the rise, the basic pedometer now means that consumers can track exactly where they went and how many calories they burned. And then they can share it on Facebook.


    What does this mean to you? At some point in the very near future, mass consumers will want to automatically see this kind of information as part of their overall Smarthome. As a security firm, you will provide them with the core hardware and software necessary for their total home security system. And if they aren’t careful, sharing a jogging route on Facebook becomes an open invitation for burglars. You, as a security advisor, have to review the impact of Facebook privacy settings to keep your clients safe.


    In other words, as technology pushes those integration options forward, someone will have to be at least one step ahead to determine how integration affects personal and professional security. National Monitoring Center can guide you through the impact of any technological changes on your customers.


    The good news is that new levels of integration mean more reasons for you to visit your core customer base with the newest bells and whistles. And those bells and whistles mean additional revenue. Technology can create needs and wants; consumers may not even realize some of the ways their home security system can help them improve their lives.


    As you integrate new features, benefits, and services into your existing framework, don’t forget to take the time to educate your clients about new upgrades. These will be the easy sales and revenue streams that allow you to invest in those necessary continuous improvements.