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    First Annual NMC Fishing Trip

    Security Systems News
    June, 2010


    I wanted to add some pics from NMC’s Dave Steinbrunner. They’re peppered throughout the post. Enjoy. Thanks for the extra pics, Dave!


    The final day of the Texas trip was spent with the guys from NMC. Regional sales manager David Steinbrunner invited me down to tag along on their inaugural Annual Dealer Fishing Trip. Of course, my being located in Yarmouth, Maine was kind of an obstacle, but I mentioned it to Sam who thought it would be a grand idea to go out and hang with the


    NMC boys from Dallas, visit a few other companies and see what happened.


    Those of you who have been following along with this blog know associate publisher Gregg Shapiro and I had some crazy times down there in the land where everything (including the Lincoln Navigator Hertz tried to give us at 3 in the morning) is bigger and more beautiful. The fishing trip was no exception.


    Grant, Stefan and David loading the luxury bus.

    Grant, Stefan and David loading the luxury bus.


    We arrived at the NMC monitoring center and met up with our NMC hosts, Dave, operations manager Grant Graham from the west coast office and Dallas-based central station manager Stefan Rayner, and director of telecommunications Scott Schubert. There were around 20 guys there, all ready to sing the praises of NMC and catch some stripers up on

    SSN's<br /><br /><br /><br />         Gregg Shapiro is ready to catch some fish!... well, one fish...


    Lake Texoma on the Oklahoma border.


    SSN’s Gregg Shapiro is ready to catch some fish!… well, one fish…


    NMC bought everyone who needed one a special Texoma hunting/fishing license… Mine’s still good through the end of the year, which means, of course that I’ll have to get myself on the travel budget for ASIS. Wouldn’t want that license to go to waste. They also supplied boxed lunches for everyone, liquid refreshment, and a nice cooler pack to bring the cleaned catch home in at the end of the day (Gregg and I, foreseeing problems at security in DFW, graciously donated our take to the other participants).


    Cedric gettting ready to head out on the lake.

    Cedric gettting ready to head out on the lake.

    The ride up to the lake, in a luxury, chauffeured bus was enjoyable, with camaraderie and anticipation palpable. I sat next to John Ybarra with Kings III Fire and Security. Nice guy. Good conversationalist, good fisherman. He said he got a call the night before to go on the trip. His boss was supposed to go, but something came up. Lucky guy.





    We were divided into four guided boats. I was on boat three, which, if you follow me on Twitter, you KNOW caught the most fish because I tweeted said pronouncement post haste… And we all know once something’s written on the Internet, it’s true… Boats one, two, and four, you’re welcome to throw down. My boat comprised NMC’s Grant Graham, Action Fire Pros‘ Scott Hoppie and Daryl Barber, Cedric Bouligny with Comfort Security, Captain Johnny and me.


    Captain Johnny puts a catch away
    Captain Johnny puts a catch away


    The goal of the trip, according to David (who was not on my boat, so I feel sorry for the small-sized crappies they hauled) was to attract new prospects through word of mouth from peers. “Our ultimate goal was to get a fire prospect, a burg prospect and a current fire and burg client on each boat and let them have some fun and talk,” David said. “They’re going to ask questions of their peers that they’re not going to ask me as a sales guy.”


    Boat three was under the guidance of Captain Johnny Forrest. When I asked Johnny what company he worked for and if he had a title he said, “Sir?” To which I replied, “Do you work for a guide company or anything?” And he thought a second and said, “Yessir. Johnny Forrest Guide Service.” Johnny showed us all how to put shiners on the hook, though he’d bait it for us, show us how to measure out the pulls of line to get to the appropriate depth where the biggest lunkers would be sliding through the murk…

    Cali central station operations manager Grant took no small amount of guff from a boat full of Texans for being from California.
    Cali central station operations manager Grant took no small amount of good-humored guff from a boatful of Texans for being from California.


    It was pretty thrilling to feel the massive pull on the line and wrestle and fight those fish into the boat… In all honesty, I’m not sure which boat caught the most fish, but I can tell you we all had a blast, cheering and jeering each other on. We all told stories; tall tales and fish stories; war stories (literally from Captain Johnny); shop talk. Cedric talked about family. We all learned a little from each other. Quite a team builder, indeed.


    Cedric caught a real lunker!
    Cedric caught a real lunker!


    After we’d been out a couple hours, the captains took us back to shore and the fish were cleaned while the guys relaxed, talked and fielded calls from the office (“Work don’t stop just because you go fishing,” someone said to me when I asked about the urgent sounding call.)


    Tough day to be a striper.

    Tough day to be a striper.

    Good day to be on the lake. Good day to be an NMC customer or prospect. Not such a good day to be a fat ol’ striper in Texoma.


    Cleaning the haul

    Cleaning the haul