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 How Pets Affect Security Services

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For many pet-owners, pets are a part of the family. And when the pet-owners go away, they want their pets to remain safe and comfortable at home. Of course, this means the additional cost of pet sitters coming and going on a regular basis while no one is at home. As a security service, not only can you offer additional security services to keep the home safe, you can also offer the comfort of knowing that the animal is visible through a monitoring service like National Monitoring Center (NMC).


In lieu of sending the cat or dog to a caged kennel, many pet-owners hire pet sitters to stop by the house on a regular basis to feed and walk the animals. And while the pet-sitter might be a trusted friend or family member, it’s just as likely that the pet-sitter is a stranger hired through a service or through a referral. Encourage your clients to stress the home’s security measures to the pet sitter; offering a unique code and pointing out the cameras is a great way to deter the stranger from sneaking a look in the closets or snagging anything off the shelves.


Some pet-owners want a visual confirmation that their pets are alive and well. For anyone without a live feed, you can use the pet as a way of convincing the client to upgrade to an on-going monitoring service. Thanks to mobile technology, pet-owners with a live feed service can use their phones and take comfort in knowing the pet at home is safely sleeping on the couch.


Dogs have always been a critical part of security services. And with a sound-sensitive monitoring service, your client’s dog can still be helpful in alerting the monitoring team to a problem. Extra barking and excessive movement is a great way to alert our team to a problem in or around the home. Home security systems have to be set to account for animal activity anyway, so we can use those setting to your advantage in offering a secure home.


Find new clients by teaming with a local shelter to connect with new pet-owners. For existing clients, you can use the pet as a way to start a conversation about additional products and services.

How Pets Affect Security Services
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How Pets Affect Security Services
Like aging parents and children, pets are a critical part of a home’s security profile.