How Do You Transition Into Connected Space?

    IN THE NEWS ~ JUNE 13RD, 2014

    Sharon Elder

    Vice President of Sales


    Technology is changing at a rapid pace!  POTS lines as a primary path of communication is not the future! The future is now!  We need to explore choices in cellular transmission, radio transmission and/or IP Data transmission.


    How does a dealer transition from the old traditional path into the “Connected Space” arena?


    First, decide on a path of transmission.


    Consult with your supplier and NMC about the different solutions offered.  Honeywell TotalConnect, Connect 24, Telguard HomeControl, and Uplink to name a few. Bosch and DMP solutions also offer their dealers solutions.


    Second, decide on a “portal” for your clients.


    This can be “website based” and/or “Application based”. Ensure an “App” is both IPhone and Droid functional.


    Third, commit time to get trained on the various features.


    This enables you to develop a sales strategy for your Company, and with larger dealers, a training forum for their sales team.  Utilize technology when testing a system on site!  The clients see you are utilizing technology, they will be inspired to as well!


    Once the client relies on your portal for information, they are more engaged with the value your security brings to their environment.  I call it the “Online Banking Mentality”.  Once I started using the “portal”, I was hooked.  Even my CPA does everything in the “portal”.


    Understanding and embracing this new suite of services will reinvigorate your desire to implement sound solutions for your clients!


    NMC has multiple portal solutions.  We now offer the value added feature of private “Branding your portal”.





    NMC can apply your logo to the MasWeb portal.  We offer both and MasWeb custom logo for a one time setup charge of $95.00!  You must be signed up for the service to enroll on the private branding program.


    The MasMobile application involves creating your own “Application”. This just became available in both the IPhone and Droid versions.


    One application is a one-time charge of $2,000.00, or both IPhone and Droid for $3,000.00.  This is the new way to stay connected with your clients!


    NMC is committed to leading the evolution in the “Connected Space” arena.  Our sales professionals are very familiar with these solutions.  Watch for our education days each month!


    Get Connected!