Home Security Systems – A Sure Way To Lower Your Home Insurance

    Home Security Systems

    Averagely, installing monitored safety and security devices in a home can reduce the home’s insurance up to 20%. Many home insurances around the world tend to have lower plans for homeowners who have home security systems in their homes.


    According to the FBI, a burglary occurs almost every 15 seconds in the United States, and without security systems, homes are three times more likely to be burglarized than the ones with home security systems.


    Insurance companies recognize that a monitored security system adds a further layer of protection to a home, making it a safer environment for homeowners and their family. Insurance companies are also aware that monitored security systems reduce the chances that a home will be burglarized or suffer costly fire or water damage. This means there is less chance a homeowner will file a claim with their insurance company. As a result of that, the insurance company saves money and then pass those savings on to the homeowner.


    The types of systems that can lower a home insurance includes smoke alarms, discreet cameras, outdoor cameras, day and night cameras, and infrared cameras.


    Advice your clients to take advantage of a monitored home security system not only for its apparent safety features but also because it will land them reduced premiums with most insurance companies.


    Another reason you can advise clients to get a home security system is because it can help guard their family from the emotional stress caused by disastrous events such as fire accidents and burglaries. You need to also remind your clients that the best way to deal with a fire or burglary is to prevent it from occurring in the first place.


    Oftentimes, homeowner’s insurance is rolled into mortgage and because they are not writing a check for it monthly, they might not know how much it costs them or how much they’ll get to save by getting a monitored home security system. A homeowner is already paying a lot of expenses and it makes sense to cut costs wherever they can, especially if it helps keep them safer.

    Use our helpful guide to check out the best home security systems for your clients so they can start saving on their homeowner’s insurance today.



    Home Security Systems; A Sure Way To Lower Your Home Insurance
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    Home Security Systems; A Sure Way To Lower Your Home Insurance
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