Have You Noticed NMC’s New Caller ID?

    IN THE NEWS ~ JUNE 13RD, 2014

    Recently, NMC changed its caller ID display from 800-000-0000 to 800-662-1711 because some telephone companies were blocking our calls due to what they view as FCC’s regulation of “spoofing”. In the past, NMC was not able to complete some calls when we displayed the number 800-000-0000. By now moving our number to 800-662-1711, we are not impeded in any way by local telephone companies from completing our telephone call to our end users.


    Additionally, this addresses a growing request from alarm dealers for an easy way for end users to press “redial” on their telephones to quickly call back the central station. By displaying 800-662-1711, we are now able to provide this level of service.