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 Handling Calls from High End Clients


Regardless of a caller’s temperament or attitude, the security professional on the other of the phone needs to remain respectful and understanding. At National Monitoring Center (NMC), we provide our service staff with extensive customer call training to ensure all client calls are handled with care and consideration.


The vast majority of contact your clients will have with NMC staff will be for mundane reasons. False alarms, equipment replacement, and unwitting neighbors are the primary causes for a security system to alert the monitoring center. And for the high end clients with sophisticated, smarthome security, the systems may require constant upkeep and care. But the best clients don’t always have the best attitude.


Keep in mind, your security system will be judged by those times when the client has to call into the monitoring center. As the security firm, you can be at the top of your game, but if your contracted monitoring center doesn’t have the right staff, you will lose your clients after just one or two poor experiences with problematic, monitoring staff.


Most monitoring centers will train employees how to address issues such as a forgotten password. And of course, all monitoring companies train employees how to handle difficult situations like health emergencies or burglaries. However, does your monitoring center train its staff to remain calm when a client is berating them for yet another false alarm?


Clients don’t always remain calm. In fact, with an alarm blaring (for no good reason) at 2 am, can you blame them for being irritated? However, it’s in those moments when the monitoring center staff has to know how to reduce the client’s stress and minimize the impact of the problem.


At NMC, we guarantee that every interaction will build up the client’s impression of the overall security system. With the greatest threats, come the greatest opportunity. Don’t put that opportunity in the hands of a monitoring center without a properly trained staff.