Hackers Beware

    Computer Hacker Security Monitoring

    National Monitoring Center (NMC) constantly evaluates, tests, and upgrades its systems to keep hackers out of our security systems. At the Black Hat conference in 2014, computer hackers demonstrated the ease with which they altered the camera feeds for several security systems.


    Even if burglars can’t prevent an alarm system from notifying the monitoring team about a break in, when the team loses its video feeds, the security system is nearly blind. In a large commercial building, video feeds help direct on-site security efforts to prevent losses. If the on-site team doesn’t know where to focus its efforts, the burglars gain time to pilfer and exit without much trouble.


    A successful breach in security comes with nuanced, technical efforts along with brute force. Hackers have the advantage of time; an on-site attack can simply wait until the hacking team has found a way to disable or reroute the video feeds. Because hackers are continuously looking for new ways to break firewalls and overload technical systems, NMC has to continuously find solutions to keep those hackers at bay.


    Your clients have turned to you to keep their assets safe. In a commercial office, assets could be as cumbersome as a safe or as small as a USB drive filled with data. In fact, a thumb drive of data could be worth millions. And just one hacker and one burglar could mean your clients lose their valuable information and their valuable reputation.


    As technology becomes the basis for more business transactions, your commercial clients need to know that you are providing them with the highest levels of technological security. From data storage to video feeds, NMC is a leader in eliminating technical vulnerabilities.