Environmental Monitoring for Commercial Clients

    Environment security monitoring

    Commercial accounts tend to be concerned with physical security and data encryption; businesses want to know who is accessing their building and their computer systems. However, the greatest threat to business continuity can already be lurking in the walls inside the business. Frequently overlooked by commercial clients, environmental monitoring is an excellent way for your sales team to connect with clients and add revenue-building services to existing accounts.


    National Monitoring Center (NMC) will provide you and your clients with the most-technologically advanced environmental monitoring systems to help your business clients avoid interruptions due to sudden and unexpected changes inside the business. For example, a heat detection system can provide a business with the necessary alert to avoid data loss due to mechanical overheating. Computer servers generate a tremendous amount of heat, and the machines need to be kept cool in order to work properly. If one or more computers start to overheat, the client could lose thousands of dollars in business intelligence if the storage space isn’t properly monitored.


    Even more destructive than heat, water can destroy both data storage and physical work spaces. Water damage can begin with a broken heating system. A good monitoring system will alert the security team when temperatures inside the building start to suddenly drop. Cold temperatures mean expanding water. And that mean a burst pipe when temperatures rise the next day. In the winter months, your clients could return from a long weekend to find their office destroyed by water. In older buildings with imperfect heating systems, old insulation, and aging pipes, a good environmental monitoring system can mean the difference between staying in business and shutting down permanently.


    Heat, water, and humidity are serious threats to your commercial clients. And if they don’t own their own building (or even if they do) they probably don’t know about the condition of the infrastructure behind the walls. Of course, your business clients can rely on insurance claims to help recover financially, but once data is lost, sometimes there is no amount of money that can help get your clients recover from the losses.