Engineering FAQ section

    Engineering FAQ section: 

    1. How do I register my Telguard radio?

    a. Log into the Telguard website and follow the registration process from there.


    2. I want to send my Telguard radios to you over IP. Do you support this?

    a. Yes, however Telguard is only able to send Contact ID and 4-digit DMP.  You will need to speak to Engineering in order to set up the DNIS and get the IP information.


    3. I am setting up a Telguard radio and Telguard is asking for a Central Station ID.  What is this?        

    a. This is the last 4 digits of the account number.


    4.  I want to set up an AlarmNet360 Dealer log in. Where do I find the city and CS/ID?

    a. The city and CS/ID are related to what line prefix and account number you are using.  First step is to set up a test account with the NMC Dealer Support Services department.  Once you have the test account in place, Engineering can give you the city and CS/ID associated with that account.  Remember, you will need a device in order to sign up. (Sign up requires a Mac and CRC from a radio).


    5. I wish to set up a Connect24 radio for the first time.  My technician is on site, can you set it up in 5 minutes?

    a. No, it can take several hours to complete the set up for Connect24.   Engineering has to set up the log-ins, DNIS settings, and profiles which can take several hours to complete.  However, once you are set up with this, then you are able to log into the connect24 website and register any radios in minutes.  You can do so from a PC or from your smartphone.  If you are planning on setting up a DSC radio through Connect24 be, sure to contact Engineering before your technician gets to the site.


    6. Do you have a toll free we can use for the Emergency Phone line EPH?

    a. No, the EPH or emergency phone line just has a local 949 number.  If you wish to set up a toll-free number you can speak with the Sales department and they will discuss rates and details with you.


    7. My alarm panel suddenly stopped communicating on my customers cable internet phone service.

    a. Cable phone service is digital VOIP phone service and as network usage goes up compression goes up thus causing random communication issues.  If the line is not analog then it is best to use an IP or cell communicator.


    8. Why did my phone bill suddenly go up? I don’t show any runaways.

    a. Panels sending signals over a VOIP line can cause a call to complete to the receiver but not allow a signal to get through.  This will cause the panel to retry multiple times until it gives up.  If it is set to a daily timer test or to send Open/Close signals, this could cause a noticeable increase in calls on the bill.  The only resolution to this is to move the customer onto a radio or IP communicator or have the customer switch back to an analog line.


    9. Can I restrict my MasWeb users to only be able to access MasWeb from my office? Or restrict them to certain times of the day?

    a. Yes, we can add restrictions based on your office public IP address and/or certain times of day. You will need to speak to Engineering in order to implement this.